I’m carla

I love all things homemade.

Because home is where the good stuff is. It’s where all the best parts of my life reside.

And I love to diy, my way. Whether it’s cooking from scratch, preserving, sewing, crafting, building, creating whatever…

I have a nostalgia for a simpler time, when people carved out a life they love with their own hands. (Anybody else a huge fan of the “Little House on the Prairie” series?)

It’s just my personality. And I have always believed that anything I decide to do, I can figure out how to do. And I get so much satisfaction from it!

I inherited that trait from my parents. Dad is a farmer, builder, and engineer with no degree. Mom is an oily, gardening, canning, cooking, and sewing enthusiast. Homemade is just their way of life.

That cute little baby in the photo is the youngest of many! So not only is homemade my preference, but it’s also one of the ways that I take care of my family the very best, most affordable, way possible.

Lastly, this world is going crazy. Crazier everyday! I have a deep desire to know that if the grocery store fails to stock its shelves with bread, or… (fill in the blank), I can make it myself with what I have. Come what may, I will figure out a way to thrive.

Want to join me?

Now… what shall we make today?

Happiness is Homemade